#Glm News| The artists we collaborated with in AIM gave us more than we expected

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Not only was it a smart move for Navy Kenzo to release an album, but also collaborating outside East Africa and producing the songs that has less Swahili. This is one brilliant move they made to make it easier for them to have more listeners in various countries.

“All artist gave us more than we expected,” Navy Kenzo told us.

“They sent the work on time and supported us all the way. All artists we collaborated with made work seem so easy and the experience we got is the best we could ever imagine. Learning so much with people you have connection with pushed us to have more passion to making song with,” they said.

“Mr Eazi is one of the artist who we really looked up to despite the fact we have never had any contact in the past. He did the work and delivered it on time.”

“‘Our fans should now pant for more from us. With the respond they gave us, we ensure that they will be a next album but this time with the big fish.”